zakiyyah walker life coach

About me.

I had to learn the hard way to trust my intuition and stop saving folks all the damn time. I was the queen of taking on other people's shit and neglecting my own... the embodiment of the Strong Black Woman trope. Like many of us, I wore it as a badge of honor. But, I was worn out. i was living my life with too many responsibilities that rightfully belonged to others. I needed to be the doting daughter, the perfect older older sibling, the ever-present friend and the bomb girlfriend. I spent 8 years at a job that was chaotic and abusive. But I had bills and people to take care of. Then, I had the breakdown of breakdown that left me majorly suicidal and mentally, emotionally and spiritually broken. I didn't want to die, but I didn't know how I could live if I continued on this path.

How did I save my own life?

I had a personal revolution.

What I needed to understand was that my pain wasn't just my own. It was passed down to me from my ancestors that were disconnected from their culture. That trauma is passed down in DNA and causes baggage that take generations to clear. Ancestral wounds play a big part in how we conduct our lives. Reprogramming the muscle memory that dates back to slavery... that dates back to your mom's broken heart or your dad's broken home is a task that is unique to Black women. It can be done. It's a process. Let me walk you through it.

Other Stuff about me!

In case you were wondering (of course you were) I also dislike long walks in the park, unless it's with my dog. I am the quintessential Leo. I Dig vampy lipstick, large tattoos and think any heel below 5 inches is a rude and frankly unnecessary. I rarely keep the same look for very long ( cuz… Leo.) We can go steady if you can have entire conversations in rap lyrics. I'm the oldest of three, which accounts for my low BS tolerance, need for accountability and affinity towards cuss words. I also write about beauty, fashion and culture with regard to women of the African Diaspora elsewhere on the web. I've have worked as a Digital/Social Media Marketer for over 15 years; primarily in beauty, fashion and EdTech. I own Joyce's Kid, an apparel line that celebrates Lineage, Legacy and Lifestyle. Wanna know more? Reach me here. I’m around.

zakiyyah walker mission statement

My life mission is to help you live …out loud, in public, and on purpose.

I work with lovers, fighters, fixers, empaths and beautifully- flawed Black women that are highly functional BUT, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. My clients come to me unsure and overwhelmed. If your want to rebel against what you’ve been previously taught because it's not serving you, you’re in the right place. We will work together to create your legacy ON PURPOSE.

If you are ready to have an entirely different life—on your terms, let’s get it.