with Zakiyyah

What’s keeping you from the life you deserve?

As Black women, we are intrinsically tied to our ancestral baggage, generational trauma and this idea of being the STRONG BLACK WOMAN. Carrying the world on our shoulders is normalized behavior. It keeps us doing what we are expected to do instead of building a legacy of our own. Personal Revolution coaching was created to free us from that bondage.
— Zakiyyah Walker, Personal Revolution Coach

Hey, Girl, Hey! I’m Zakiyyah, THE Personal Revolution Coach for Black Women.

I guide high-functioning Black Women, like you, through holistic lifestyle transformations. You will from #thestrugggleisreal to #revolutionaryonpurpose. WIth my guidance, you will get crystal clear on what you really desire, the habits that are keeping you stagnant and the steps to get you there. I know you're tired of fighting for others and neglecting yourself. I am committed to helping Black women remove their "crown of thorns" and heal from societal, generational and, ancestral trauma. Together, we face hard truths, break unhealthy patterns and embark on the path to your very own PERSONAL REVOLUTION.


Transformation is hard, but necessary!

My clients have used my methods to leave unhealthy relationships, quit unfulfilling jobs, break ancestral curses, find their dream jobs / start businesses, embark on new spiritual practices, let go of resentment, heal from ancestral and generational pain, mend relationships with their parents and children. And so much more...


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